🍪 When cookies hold the secret to all the superpowers you need in life.... 🍪
M. Ali Inspired Take-Aways from Sparring with our Collective Foe
When leaps across a perceived transition or great divide may simply be about framing the step in a new way.
De-Mystifying the real in the most mystical of ways.
Despite the fanfare, circumstance and reality clash when it comes to female advancement. As do I.
With everything today calculated, digitized, quantified, divided, and often politicized, Bill provides a window into the analog beauty of humanity.
When pushed to the limits, the desire and capacity to charge through demands reflection on how you got there to begin with.
When you need a confidence boost, it's likely time to take a risk.
Apparently grief, popsicles, and vintage sportswear go hand in hand.
99 phantom sore throats later, a pondering on the handful of things we actually do need to stay sane and be human.
When you think you can't do it, flip the script and make the terrain work for you instead.
If you are a control freak, turbulence, and transitions, are a nightmare in the sky, until you learn to not let go.